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NUJS Cross Team wins Daulat Ram debate.

In another high for NUJS debating, the NUJS contingent had a fantastic run at the 1st edition of the Daulat Ram Parliamentary debate, held at Delhi University, from 28th-30th September.

Abishek Sankar (Class of 2022) and Ribhu Mukherjee (Class of 2021) won the debate, in a NUJS-Ashoka cross team! Kanishk Garg (Class of 2022) reached the quarterfinals, in a NUJS-Hindu-AUD cross team.

Abishek Sankar also finished as the best speaker at the tournament, with Kanishk Garg as the 2nd best speaker, and Ribhu Mukherjee as the 7th best speaker.

Ayushi Thakur (Class of 2023) also broke as an adjudicator, was among the top 10 adjudicators at the tournament, and had the 2nd highest running average amongst the competing adjudicators.



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