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NUJS breaks at Monash Australasian Inter-Varsity Debating Championship 2020.

The WBNUJS team, comprising of Abishek Sankar (class of 2022), Kanishk Garg (class of 2022), and Sudiksha Ravi (class of 2023), broke in the open category, and reached the partial double octa-finals at one of the biggest debates in the world, the Monash Australasian Inter-Varsity Debating Championship 2020. They finished as the 27th best team in the tournament.

The Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships (known as "Australs") is an annual debating tournament for universities in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the largest 3v3 Australasian tournament of the year and was hosted online this year by Monash University Australia, from 12th to 17th July 2020. This tournament brought together teams from Southern Asia, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand to compete, featuring over 130+ teams, and 160+ adjudicators.

The run-up to Australs further capped off a fantastic month for NUJS debating on the international stage.

At the Auckland Pre-Australs 2020, the team broke in the ESL category, reaching up to semifinals.

At the Melbourne Pre-Australs 2020, on the adjudication front, Ayushi Thakur (class of 2023) broke as an adjudicator, and went on to judge the ESL final, semifinal, and chair the open quarterfinal. Abishek Sankar also finshed as the 5th best reply speaker at the tournament.



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