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NUJS wins the Second Best Memorial Award at Oxford IP Moot

Further adding to the tally of NUJS' mooting achivements this year, a team comprising of Rishabh Jain, Ayushi Singhal, Varun Kannan and Aswathi Menon has been awarded the second best memorial award at the international rounds of the Intellectual Property Moot hosted by the University of Oxford.

The IP Moot is held annually in Oxford over a period of 3 days in the month of March. It is hosted by the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre and organised by their Moot Committee. The Competition invites teams from universities around the world to prepare written submissions and present oral argument on each side of a hypothetical intellectual property law problem set by experts in the field.

We once again congratulate the winning team and wish them the very best in all their future mooting endeavours.


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