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NUJS to organise a one-day national seminar in collab with Uranium Corporation of India Limited.

In order to foster an environment of thoughts and ideas around uranium mining and with concern regarding sustainable development, NUJS is organising a one-day national seminar in collaboration with Uranium Mining Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) on "Legal Aspects of Uranium Mining in India: Issues and Concerns".

The questions that will be posed will seek answers from various jurisdictions and the best practices that were adopted. Special focus will be around the issues of sustainability, environmental protection, and indigenous rights.

Some of the sub-themes are as follows -

1. Constitutional perspectives of the nuclear energy regime.

2. Environmental clearances and procedures with respect to mining of radioactive elements.

3. International policies and perspectives on atomic energy laws: Stockholm to Paris.

4. Status of Reconnaisance permits, prospecting licenses, and mining leases with respect to extraction of radioactive elements in India.

5. Reclamation and rehabilitation including the rights and interests of the marginalised groups.

Participation, papers, and presentations have been invited from various stakeholders including students, researchers, academicians and scholars, law enforcement officers, industry officials, mining personnel, legal practitioners, government officials, among others.

NUJS looks forward to hsoting this seminar on 27th September, 2019, and seeks to inculcate understanding of uranium mining and the legal nuances surrounding the subject.



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