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In Service of the Nation: Anviti Chaturvedi from the Class of 2014

In an extremely proud moment for the university, Ms. Anviti Chaturvedi from the Class of 2014 ranked 122nd in the extremely competitive and prestigious UPSC examinations. Previously, she worked as a senior analyst in PRS Legislative Research.

Q1. When did the idea of taking up a career as a civil servant prop up? I decided to sit for the exam, and take up this career path in 2017. Q2.What role did NUJS have in shaping your interest towards a role as a civil servant? NUJS encouraged students to think of law in a broader sense, than the law of the court rooms and law firms. For example, we were encouraged to take up internships across a range of legal fields. It was during the course of my internship at PRS Legislative Research, that I discovered I had an abiding interest in law and policy. Further, NUJS offered several interesting courses like Law and Impoverishment that required students to develop a multi-dimensional thinking about law. These kinds of experiences eventually helped me decide that I would like to step into the world of law and policy, as a public servant. Q3.What was your motivation behind appearing for the exam? I had worked at PRS Legislative Research for over 3 years, and that had firmed up my interest and knowledge in the field of law and policy. The immediate trigger, however, was Dr. Y.V. Reddy's autobiography that inspired me to join the services. Q4.When did you start preparing for the UPSC exams? I began preparing in September 2017. Q5. Could you describe your role in PRS? How would you describe your experience working for the organisation? I was a Senior Analyst in charge of tracking law and policy developments in sectors, like home affairs, defence, external affairs, and environment. I authored analyses on Bills related to these sectors, like Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill, as well as policy matters, like Police Reforms and Defence Budget. I had an opportunity to brief MPs, who sought research support from PRS, and write for newspapers as well on matters related to my sectors. It was a wonderful experience working at PRS. The learning curve was steep, and the team was friendly and supportive. Alongside my legal skills, I could develop some data skills at the organisation as well. Q6.Did you opt for campus placements? No. I had applied to PRS by myself. Q7.Would you like to give any tips or advice to the NUJS students aspiring to appear for the UPSC examinations? I would like to convey my best wishes to them, and hope they fulfill their aspirations. My two cents will be that it is important to have a clear, strong and positive motivation going into the exam. This exam is a long and gruelling process, carrying on for at least one and a half years. One's motivation can steer them during this time, and help them make the right decisions. Q8.Which books/materials (online/offline) did you refer during your preparation which you found to be key to your success in cracking the civil service exams? I focused on covering limited material, but revising it several times. Some of my Bibles were the daily newspaper, the Constitution, the Atlas, some NCERTs, Economic Survey, etc. Q9.What are your plans for the future and where do you see yourself in 10 years? I am focusing on taking one step at a time right now. All I can say with regard to the future is that I hope I will learn from the all the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, take things with a positive spirit, respect and empathize with the people around me, and lead a life of integrity. I believe the rest will then take care of itself. At NUJS, it gives us immense pride and honour to congratulate her and wish her the very best on serving the nation. We also hope to her have her among us soon.



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