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Words and Voices 2.0: An event organised by the NUJS Poetry Collective

"Sher achha ya bura nahi hota

ya wo hota hai ya wo nahi hota"

The most beautiful aspect of poetry is it is open to subjective interpretation. It takes different meanings for different people. It is about certain conversations that need to happen.

NUJS Poetry Collective is an enthusiastic initiative by all the Ghalibs and Wordsworths of NUJS to create a flexible and open platform for the unforced conversations and free flow of thoughts to follow.

The collective follows no strict rules or standards, but is fairly flexible with all the forms and langauage of poetry.

In the highly intense law school environment, NUJS Poetry Collective becomes a platform for the creative souls to vent out their emotions. NUJS has always strived to keep the diversity of talents alive even in the highly pragmatic and academic law school atmosphere. The session saw participation of over a 100 students from the General Body and a few independent artists from Calcutta. Some participants recited their verses of love, some spoke about heartbreaks, while some critiqued the society. In a complete mellow setting, there occured a soul wrenching performance by our talented poets.

As Amritansh Vajpayee from the 1st year says,

"Kalpana ke samrajya me nikrakar hun mai,

Kalpana hun, kavi hun aur kathakaar hun mai."

The idea behind the initiative is to give the talent of poetry a space to thrive. Specially in an atmosphere as intense as a law school. We understand the need of a source of ventilation in life.

We encourage the organization to organise more such events in future and congratulate the NUJS Poetry Collective on their 2nd successful event - Words and Voices 2.0

Stay tuned to all the updates from their facebook page here


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