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Visually impaired IDIA scholar to begin his studies at NUJS

Anoop Kumar was born in Gardih, small town in Jharkhand. His father being a farmer, he was born with visual impairment in a family with financial struggles. He had to leave his family and live in Delhi from the tender age of seven to pursue his education. He earned scholarships to help fund his schooling, where the National Association for Blind (NAB) supported him in learning to use assistive technology.

This year, Anoop Kumar has secured Rank 9 in the SAP (Specially Abled Person) category in the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) and come the 1st of July, he shall be starting his classes at NUJS this fall.

Anoop has overcome many hurdles to fulfill his dreams. He never let his visual impairment get in the way of his dreams. Rather he made the best of his adverse circumstances, exemplifying grit and resilience of the highest order.

His story is a reiteration of the values of equity and social justice that our institution was founded upon: an island of excellence where your dreams are not limited by your background, a place where who you can be has nothing to do with where you come from.

We take this opportunity to applaud and appreciate the efforts of IDIA team (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access) towards making legal education in India more diverse, inclusive and impactful. We hope the story of Anoop continues to inspire thousands of young aspirants who wish to pursue a career in law in this country.

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