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The NUJS Intellectual Property and Technology Laws Society (IPTLS) launches a series of MY IP Primer

he NUJS Intellectual Property and Technology Laws Society (IPTLS) launched its series of MY IP Primers today, an initiative that it has been putting its efforts and hard work in for the past one and half years. The primers were launched by Hon’ble Justice Prathiba M Singh (Del HC) and Resp. VC of NUJS, Prof Dr Nirmal Kanti Chakrabarti.

The IP Primers, called the MY IP Series, bring home the point that 'IP is yours'. The vision behind these primers is very basic, that language should not act as a barrier in accessing one's rights. India is moving towards a wave of entrepreneurship and innovation, and the primers in their own way, will contribute towards this growth!

In order to increase awareness, the primers contain simplified commentaries of various IP concepts that can be understood by those without any prior knowledge of the same. They cover 4 central IP legislations - Trade Marks, Copyright, Patents and Designs, what rights one can derive from the same and how to apply for such protections.

In a place like NUJS where students from across the nation come to seek legal education, the initiative has allowed them to put their learning to use in consonance with an appreciation for India's diverse culture and heritage. It has allowed them to work towards bringing people together through accessibility. Throughout the course of one and a half years, the society members have diligently worked together to curate and translate these primers in various Indian languages, in addition to English, and design them in a culturally aesthetic way.

MY IP series has 7 primers: Hindi - मेरा IP, English - My IP, Bengali - আমার IP , Gujarati - મારું IP , Telugu - నా IP, Odia - ମୋର IP, Urdu - میر IP. The initiative was envisioned by Mr Aatmik Jain (IPTLS Director 2020-21) and was shared and supported by Ms Nimisha Nagpal and Ms Priyam Mittal (IPTLS Directors, 2021-22), and was achieved with the hard work of society members. Together, they are hopeful that the society in the coming years will keep the initiative continued!



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