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Statement of Solidarity: In Solidarity with the students of NLU Odisha.

The Student Juridical Association (SJA) of the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata stands in complete solidarity with the students of National Law University, Odisha, in their indefinite protest against their administration, in order to solve various problems that beset the university.

The Student Council of NLU Odisha, highlighted the importance of a peaceful and organized protest, to end administrative lethargy and unreasonable policies; problems which are also plague several other National Law Universities. To that effect, the NLU-O student body has provided a comprehensive list of demands, spanning across infrastructural issues and unreasonable fee hikes, to arbitrary examination policies, curfew timings and faculty accountability.

The student body has focused on several pertinent issues, including medical, hostel and infrastructural facilties. Ensuring proper maintenance of these facilities, plus the creation of new facilities like a library and a new girls hostel, are some demands that they’re hoping the administration would act upon. Further, they’re urging a revision of several policies, including their examination policy, regressive curfew timings, and teachers not being held accountable; which is integral in ensuring the continuance of NLU-O as a premier legal institution.

As per their official statement, the students of NLU-O demand nothing more than their due right, the right to a University that provides an atmosphere conducive to learning, and to stimulate the administration into doing their duty, and ensuring that basic living and academic conditions are attained. In furtherance of that, and applauding the students for their courageous stand, the SJA extends it’s complete support to the students of the NLU-O.


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