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SJA 2019-20 Performance Report.

Dear All,

The link to the performance report for the SJA 2019-20 can be found here: SJA Performance Report 2019-20

Since the Student Juridical Association (SJA) was formed, it continues to play a critical role in furthering the interests of the student body, pushing for accountability of the University administration to its students, and working hard to increase the stature of our home, NUJS. The SJA 2019-20 is grateful for having had the opportunity to represent the collective interests of the NUJS student community before the University administration. We are grateful for your support which ensured that we were able to serve effectively by ensuring that our representations were not only heard but acknowledged and respected by the University administration. Our overarching vision of manifesting changes to make life in NUJS better while laying a solid foundation for long-term changes has mostly come true.

We would like to thank the consistent co-operation and good wishes of the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Hon’ble Registrar, beloved faculty members, administrative staff, and housekeeping staff. Our University is a maze of moving parts, and we acknowledge the kind regards and the assistance of all stakeholders in making NUJS a better home for all of us. Through highs and lows, the NUJS student community stood together to tackle adversities and challenges. After bringing in various incremental as well as radical changes to the culture and the working of the University, SJA 2019-20 is about to bid adieu. The experiences and lessons through our term were bittersweet, and we would have it no other way. It has been a long journey for us, one that we will cherish for times to come.

The annual report outlines the achievements that we celebrated this year. Behind each achievement has been the hard work and efforts of the office-bearers of SJA 2019-20, one which cannot be succinctly captured. Please do join us to reminisce the days long past, and to look forward to the potent promise of SJA 2020-21 to reach for the stars.

Signing off, Student Juridical Association 2019-20.

Prashant Shukla, Akshat Kaushik, Anirudh Goyal, Prakhar Srivastava, Ankit Pal, Harshvardhan Singh, Sevanshi Kamdar, Sumit Gupta, Aakanksha Jadhav, Ayushi Thakur, Saiesh Kamath, and Tanishk Goyal.


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