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Rest in Peace: Ritwik Das, National Law University Odisha

In an extremely saddening and sudden turn of events that happened yesterday (February 9, 2019) a member of the NLUO contingent at Invicta 2019, Ritwik Das, passed away after playing a football match during the tournament. Ritwik was the National Law University - Odisha (NLUO) Sports Committee Convenor and was known for his commitment and dedication to sporting and developing sporting facilities in his institution. He has been a part of every single edition of Invicta throughout his entire law school career for the past 5 years. The Registar of the National Law University, Odisha in a statement expressed that "As a student, as a sportsman and as a convenor of University’s Sports Society, he (Mr. Ritwik Das) not only motivated the students but also the University for improvisation and wide-ranging sports facilities in the National Law University Odisha." Ananya, a part of the NLUO contingent at Invicta 2019 mentioned that "An integral part of the university, he was the part of NLUO Football Team since his first year. Being the convener of the Sports Committee, he was an inspiration to all of us. A man of great patience, I've never seen him shouting except for encouraging his teammates in the football field.I've been with him since last year when I joined the sports committee and he was the Co-convener. He used to take charge of whatever work needed to be done outside the university and we were faithful that the work will be done in the best possible manner." "A friend, sportsperson, team mate, batchmate, project partner, family. Ritwik has been many things to many people during his time at NLUO. But what probably set him truly apart was the really good person he was",a friend of Ritwik said. Hearing about the untimely demise of Ritwik one of his batchmates mentioned that "Ritwik is one of the nicest persons you can every come across. A great sportsman, an amazing friend and a wonderful son to his parents. I have never met someone who was so grounded. He is one of those few who is literally loved by everyone, even by those who don't know him much.I shall surely miss his smiling face.He was a great man, a great friend and was always the first one to lend a helping hand. His simplicity was admired by all. A soft spoken person with a big heart." At NUJS, we have no words that can possibly capture our shock and bereavement at this moment. We extend our heartfelt prayers and condolences to everyone grieving his loss and wish his family strength and courage in these difficult times. May his soul rest in peace.


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