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NUJS wins the Mukarji Memorial Debate hosted by St Stephen's College

Furthering its winning streak in the debating circuit, the University Debating Team had its 4th consecutive victory this month winning the 69th edition of the St Stephen's Mukarji Memorial debate. The team comprising of Shourya Dasgupta and Suchisubhra Sarkar also won the Best and the Second Best Speaker respectively.

In what has been a great day for the Literary and Debating Society, the University also won the Prologue 2017 Debate hosted by Presidency University with a team comprising of Mohammad Zaid, Nikhil Iyer and Paayas Pandit. Ananya Kumar and Arka Banerjee Choudhury bagged the Best and the Second Best Adjudicator awards respectively.

Earlier this month, the team comprising of Adit Garg, Vibhore Yadav and Priyal Sanghvi had won the IIT Guwahati Debate, while University delegation comprising of Ananya Nigam, Mohammad Zaid and Arka Banerjee Choudhury had won the RML NLU Debate finals.

We congratulate all the winners and wish the LDS godspeed in all their future endeavours!


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