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NUJS students offered admission in Harvard

Continuing the long standing tradition of academic excellence, three of our graduates- Mr. Arvind Kurian Abraham (Class of 2017), Ms. Maithili Pai (Class of 2017) and Ms.Kritika Vohra (Class of 2016) have been offered admission by the prestigious Harvard Law School.

A picture of Arvind Kurian Abraham in the Moot Court Society Hall of NUJS during his college days

When Mr. Arvind Kurian Abraham from the Class of 2017 was contacted for an intial reaction on the development he responded by stating "I am extremely thrilled and in a state of disbelief! I never thought I would get admitted to Harvard Law School for the LLM programme, especially given it is the most difficult Law School to get into and it has an unparalleled brand throughout the world. Preparing the application, especially the legal essay, while managing a hectic work schedule was indeed challenging, but due to the support of my friends and family, I was able to meet the application deadlines. However, I believe my work, especially with legislative issues in the Parliament along with my academic performance in NUJS was appreciated by Harvard Law School. End of the day, hard work does reap benefits and I am truly blessed by the grace of God to have finally achieved what I once considered as being impossible."

Mr. Arvind Kurian Abraham is from the Class of 2017 and was the recipient of two gold medals. He was also the director of the Constitutional Law Society, the first Chairman of the Vigilance & Grievance Redressal Commission in college and is well known in the university for his notable contribution to the NUJS Informal Discussion Group as its co-convenor. After graduating from NUJS he went on to become the legislative advisor to Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament and the Chairman of the Standing Committee on External Affairs.

Ms. Maithili Pai has been law clerk-cum-research assistant to Justice DY Chandrachud since graduating in 2017. She believes that the plethora of extra-curricular opportunities offered at NUJS were crucial in shaping her interests. In college, she was a part of the NUJS Law Review for two years, the Shadinota Prison Reforms Programme (a joint initiative of the University and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative) for three years, the IDIA West Bengal Chapter, the Child Rights Centre of NUJS- and participated in various moot court competitions, mediation competitions and conferences. She is thrilled about the opportunity to study at Harvard Law School and wishes to use the experience to contribute to holistic access to justice reforms in India.

Ms. Kritika Vohra from the Class of 2016 was a part of the Judicial Reforms team at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Delhi after graduating from NUJS and went on to do a training contract at HSF, London. She expressed that she was particularly thrilled that her varied work experience was seen as a strength by Harvard and is thrilled to have been accepted. In her time in NUJS, she was the director of the NUJS Constitutional Law Society, volunteered for the night classes organised by the Legal Aid Society, a teaching assistant in her fourth and fifth years, a member of the NUJS Law Review and represented the university in moot court competitions. She was also the recipient of a gold medal.

We take immense pride in congratulating all the three and wish them the very best on their future endeavours.



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