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NUJS secures its position at RYSF College League

The National University of Juridical Sciences has set up a centre for child rights along with UNICEF to reach out to marginalised children of the society for protecting their rights. “The centre will reach out to the marginalised children in the society and facilitate better protection of their rights by providing complementary support to different stakeholders involved in the child rights paradigm,” said Centre head Ruchira Goswami. The centre visualises not only being a nodal centre of child rights in eastern India but also establishing itself as an important stakeholder in promotion and protection of child rights at the national and international level. Goswami, also a professor at the top law school, said they will provide integrated support to different layers of institutional governance for the protection of child rights by creating a framework of research-support and logistical backup to the statutory processes concerning protection of children. Established within the university recently, the centre is being run in partnership with international child rights body UNICEF to promote, protect and fulfil the rights of the children. She said the centre will conduct research work on various aspects of child rights and organise capacity building exercises for stake holders in the juvenile justice system and the civil society. Originally published on Indian Express.


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