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NUJS Receives State of the Art Infrastructure Upgrade

The past couple of months at NUJS have seen an extensive overhaul of the campus infrastructure. The upgrades range from modernisation of classrooms to revamping of the student mess and activity centres. While state-of-the-art smart podiums, speakers and projector facilities have been installed in every classroom, the university Mess has undergone a complete change. Alongside the newly installed Bain Marie hot buffet sets and improved food menu, the Mess now also boasts of a free-of-cost midnight coffee machine and bread toaster. Both the Mess and the classrooms have been made fully air-conditioned with new flooring, furnitures, false ceiling and specialised LED lighting.

The Univeristy has also carried out many more minor upgrades including installation of microwaves on every floor of the hostels, upgradation of the auditorium facilities and replacement of the main lift in the academic block, which now boasts of a brand new 20 person capacity elevator featuring digital time and weather updates along with customized music and LED focus lights.

Besides the completed changes, the University has also initiated several additional initiatives including setting up a first of its kind Waste Management System aimed at reducing and recycling the waste generated from campus through specialised garbage disposal bins and outsourced technical expertise.

It has also started working on renovating the faculty lounges and student activity centres. The campus is now looking forward to a mini-auditorium on its top-most floor, which is expected to be ready by the end of this academic year. Once complete, the auditorium-cum-special-classroom shall have a seating capacity of 250 students and shall architecturally rest atop the Pillar of Justice extending into a triangular arch.

The pictures of the latest upgrades can be viewed in the slideshow below. For a more informational guide to the existing campus life and infrastructure, you can visit Life at NUJS: A Beginner's Guide


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