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NUJS LR brings reforms to its platforms to make it more accessible to its Specially Abled readers.

The National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata is proud to announce the initiative of the NUJS Law Review to introduce structural reforms to its platforms in order to make it more accessible to its Specially Abled readers.

With the introduction of the new plug-in, the contents of the NUJS Law Review website including all the articles and archives are now screen-reader friendly, thus making it fully accessible to persons having visual impairments such as degrading eyesight, low vision, or tunnel vision. The website also has accommodations for persons with cognitive disabilities which will allow them to focus on the essential elements of the website easily. Moreover, the website has an option of an ADHD-friendly profile which shall significantly reduce distractions for persons with ADHD or Neurological disorders. The Journal feels that the initiative is nothing more than the long-overdue vindication of the rights of its Specially-Abled readers, members, authors and professionals, who, they believe, will now be able to access the NUJS Law Review online platform without confronting certain access barriers.

NUJS hopes that the Law Review's initiative would start a dialogue about deconstructing the present barriers and inaccessibility in the Indian legal academia and making it more accessible to Specially Abled people in the future.


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