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NUJS emerges as a semi-finalist in the regional rounds of Oxford Price Media Moot Court Competition

In yet another brilliant achievement in the mooting arena, the team comprising of Divyansh Sharma, Anoushka Soni Parth Gala, Dhawal Sagar, Prajjwal Kushwaha, Shambuk Biswas and Shravya Devraj have emerged as the semi-finalists in the regional rounds of the Oxford Price Media Moot Court Competition 2018 conducted between the 22 to 25 November, 2018 in Delhi.

The South Asia rounds of the Oxford Price Media Moot Court Competition 2018 was conducted in partnership with the Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University, Delhi. The South Asia rounds have consistently displayed a history of persuading bright young lawyers to work with information policy – working on legal problems involving censorship, privacy and hate speech online seems to generate in a sustained interest in these issues. It aims to provide an opportunity for the participants to meet international experts ranging from academic authorities to partners from prominent international firms and heads of the legal departments of internationally renowned media houses, an advocacy and networking event for the experienced lawyers and judges who come together to judge the round and to develop a sustained interest in issues concerning online speech among the moot judges who have included Supreme Court and High court judges, senior litigators, policy directors of Internet policy organistations, general counsels of prominent media houses and tech companies and law firm partners. When asked about the mooting experience and the journey Divyansh Sharma who was a part of the winning team said 'The journey through the moot has been nothing short of a roller coaster rids. Academic obstacles and the perception of less experience of a relatively young team comprising majorly of second years were challenges we had to overcome. The hard work that the team put into drafting well-researched arguments along with the expert guidance of our team coach, Mr. Anirudh Nath Lekhi made it possible to convert the moot into one of the best experiences of our law school life. The team was always brimming with enthusiasm and a zest to win which got us so far . We are were happy to have fought it out till the last, even though we missed out on the global rounds on a split verdict of 2-2 by a very slight margin.' We congratulate the members of the team and wish them the very best on all their future endeavours.


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