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NUJS'11 alumnus awarded the Erin J C Arsenault fellowship

In a significant academic recognition, Mr. Kiran Mohan from the Class of 2011 has been awarded the Erin J C Arsenault to pursue LLM in air and space law at McGill university. The prestigious Erin J. C. Arsenault Fellowships are awarded to outstanding graduate applicants in the masters or doctoral program at the Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL), McGill University engaged in the research of peace and security in outer space through law, policy, and global governance. Established in 1951, the IASL is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution in the world in the field of Space Law. Mr. Kiran Mohan has been selected for the fellowship to pursue LLM air and space law (thesis) program at IASL. The selection is inter alia based on academic excellence and originality of the proposed research in the field of peace and security in outer space through law, policy, and global governance. The LLM Thesis program in Air and Space Law is offered to candidates who wish to focus on original, scholarly research and writing under the supervision of a law professor. Currently, Mr. Kiran Mohan is employed as Legal Officer at the Headquarters of Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) in New Delhi. While at NUJS he published articles on space law in peer-reviewed journals and presented papers on the subject at national and international forums. He particularly recalls the research he did under the guidance of Dr. Sandeepa Bhat on the legality of anti-satellite missile testing which he presented at the International Institute of Space Law Colloquium in Glasgow in 2008 and was grateful to Dr.Bhat’s encouragement and support which had been instrumental the development and sustenance of his interest in this area of international law. When asked about his journey onward Mr. Kiran Mohan said "I have always had a proclivity for international affairs since school days. I believe it is this inclination that made me chose international law related areas as my optional papers at NUJS. Encouragement and support of Dr. Sandeepa Bhat has been instrumental in developing and sustaining a keen interest in space law. Post LL.M at McGill, I am looking forward to join academia and research and write on international law in general and space law and international legal theory in particular.” We take great pride and honour in congratulating him on his phenomenal achievement and wishing him the very best. We also hope to have him among us soon.



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