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IDIA West Bengal Chapter awards scholarship in the memory of Class of 2010 graduate Yogashish Chetri

The NUJS alumni comprising of Class of 2010 graduates have instituted a scholarship program in the memory of their loved batchmate Late Mr. Yogashish Chetri who breathed his last soon after his graduation in the year 2010.

In an ceremonious program hosted by the IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education) at NUJS, Aritra Mondal from the Class of 2022 became the first recipient of this novel Yogashish Chetri Scholarship for the year 2017.

Mr. Pratik Dutta, a batchmate and a close friend of Mr. Chetri, started the session by introducing the motive behind instituting such a scholarship- to immortalize our friend Yogashish, who knew how to live life joyously.

One of the key persons behind the institution of the award, Mr. Arnab Roy, the head of IDIA West Bengal Chapter and one of Mr. Chetri batchmates, added to it by saying, 'He was not like the others. He always found new ways to do things' The overwhelming evening was complete with the participation of Mr. Chetri's father, Mr. I K Chetri, who shared his thoughts regarding this novel initiative. He congratulated the team and expressed his gratitude for them. The IDIA team expressed their future plans to increase the reach and extent of the scholarship and finance the academics pursuits of many more aspiring law graduate over the coming years.

We at NUJS, sincerely thank the IDIA West Bengal Chapter​ and our alumni from the Class of 2010 for this wonderfully novel initiative.


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