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Fundamentals of National Space Law

We are glad to share a book titled “Fundamentals of National Space Law” edited by our faculty members Prof. (Dr.) Sandeepa Bhat B. and Prof. (Dr.) Shouvik Kumar Guha, and published by Thomson Reuters.

With the halt in the development of international space law, the focus has shifted to national space legislation to regulate the ever-increasing space activities. Unfortunately, very few States have space laws at present, and there is no uniformity in the approaches of those that have such laws. Most of the space-faring nations, including India, China and several European States, don’t have the requisite legal regime to regulate space activities. In the absence of legal clarity, private players are hesitant to undertake space activities in these jurisdictions. Thus, enacting balanced national space laws is the need of the hour in several jurisdictions across the globe. Fundamentals of National Space Laws intends to cover all the major tenets relating to the development of national space laws. Hence, it will be an invaluable resource on the bookshelves of every space law and policy maker as well as every space lawyer.

We take pride in the feat achieved by our faculty members and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.


  • Prerna Acharya

  • Dr Tomasz Balcerzak

  • Prof. (Dr) Sandeepa Bhat

  • Jennifer A. Brobst

  • Mahima Cholera

  • Ishita Das

  • Vishakha Singh Deshwal

  • V. Gopalakrishnan

  • Dr Shouvik Kumar Guha

  • Maathangi Hariharan

  • Abhishek Hazari

  • Prof. K.R. Sridhara Murthi

  • Prof. (Dr) Christopher Newman

  • Rongeet Poddar

  • Shruthi Prabhakar

  • Dr Deva Prasad M.

  • Nilay Raj

  • Dr Rohit Roy

  • Prof. (Dr) G.S. Sachdeva

  • Gazal Sancheti

  • Varada Jahagirdar

  • Dr Asha P. Soman

  • Ranu Tiwari

  • Amrisha Tripathi


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