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Five students from NUJS offered admission at Harvard Law School

Continuing the long standing tradition of academic excellence, five of our students and alumni this year have been offered admissions to the prestigious LLM program at Harvard Law School.

Joining the rank of our previous Harvard scholars this fall will be Vasujith Ram (Class of 2017), Pankti Vora (Class of 2015), Varsha Bhattacharya (Class of 2013), Pranav Mittal (Class of 2011) and Rupavardhini Raju (Class of 2010).

The LL.M. (Master of Laws) program is a one-year degree program that typically includes 180 students from more than 70 countries. Harvard’s LL.M. students include lawyers working in firms, government officials, law professors, judges, diplomats, human rights activists, doctoral students, business men and women, and others.

We convey our heartiest congratulations to all our five students and alumni. We are proud to have them among us and wish them the very best for all future endeavours.


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