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Five students from NUJS offered admission at Cambridge, NYU, LSE and Graduate Institute

In what has been an exceptional year in terms of acceptances at premier global institutes, five more of our students from the graduating class of 2017 have been offered admissions to the LLM programs at Cambridge University, Graduate Instiute- Geneva, New York University and London School of Economics.

While Upasana Chauhan, Vasujith Ram, Arpita Sengupta and Arindrajit Basu have secured admission at Faculty of Law- Cambridge, Tanvi Mani has been selected for the international law program at Graduate Institute- Geneva and the Sciences Po dual degree program at Georgetown University. Upasana and Arpita have also secured admissions at London School of Economics and NYU Faculty of Law.

For Arpita, who has two other admission offers from University of Pennsylvania and UC Berkeley, it is a choice between Cambridge and Berkeley. Specialising in intellectual property and technology laws, she attributes her time as part of various NUJS societies such JILS (Journal of Indian Law and Society) and IPTLS (Intellectual Property and Technology Laws Society) for shaping her interest towards IP laws. Similarly, though for Upasana, specialising in human rights law, it is an equal call between Cambridge and NYU, for Arindrajit, specialising in international law, it is a toss up between Geneva and Cambridge.

While deciding between the universities shall be a tough process for our scholars, the standards set by this year's graduating class is unmatched and unprecedented among Indian law schools. Earlier this month, five of our students had been offered admission at Harvard Law School. We take this opportunity to congratulate all our brilliant achievers. We are proud to have them among us and wish them the very best for all their future endeavours.


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