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Credit course by Justice(Retd.) Ruma Pal, Justice(Retd.) Jasti Chelameswar and Dr Arghya Sengupta

NUJS announces a much-anticipated Credit Course, titled "Fundamentals of Constitutional Law", which will be offered to the students of the 3rd, 4th and 5th year of the B.A LL.B (Hons.) programme from 15th-17th September, 2019. This course will be taken by Justice(Retd.) Ruma Pal, Justice(Retd.) Jasti Chelameswar, and Dr Arghya Sengupta. Justice(Retd.) Ruma Pal, an alumnus of the University of Oxford, is a well-known face of the Indian judiciary, having served in the Supreme Court for 6 years, as well as the Calcutta High Court. In her illustrious term at the apex court, Justice Pal has deliberated on several pertinent issues in critical cases, especially in the field of human rights. Justice Pal is also recognised for her contribution to legal studies, by editing several textbooks, including the famous "Constitutional Law by MP Jain", a volume that is widely considered an authority on the subject. She is also the Chancellor of Sikkim University, one of the trustees of IDIA, and a member of the "International Forum of Women Judges". Justice(Retd.) Jasti Chelameswar, is widely appreciated as a voice of rationale in the Indian judiciary. Having retired on 22 June 2018, Justice Chelameshwar has had a memorable stint in the Supreme Court, having contributed to several landmark judgements, including upholding the Freedom of Speech(Shreya Singhal v. UOI), upholding the Right to Privacy(Justice K. Puttaswamy v. UOI), and providing a strong dissenting opinion in the NJAC case. Further, Justice Chelameshwar has also served as the Chief Justice of the High Court of Kerala, and the Gauhati High Court, where he did exemplary work on the Green benches. Justice Chelameshwar also became a household name, after being one of the four judges to hold an unprecedented press conference in 2018, highlighting the problems that affect the Supreme Court, and questioning the allocation of benches. Dr Arghya Sengupta is the Founder and Research Director at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, New Delhi. Dr Sengupta, an alumnus of NLSIU Bangalore and a Rhodes scholar at the University of Oxford, is one of the most renowned academicians in the field of Constitutional Law in India currently. Specialising in the Independence and Accountability of the Indian Higher Judiciary, Dr Sengupta is a regular writer for several reputed journals and newspapers, and has also authored two books on constitutional law. The Vidhi Centre for Public policy, an independent think-tank doing legal research to make better laws and improve governance for the public good, has also cemented itself as one of the country's top public policy centres. The course entails 6 major topics: 1. Freedom of Religon 2. Gender Discrimination 3. Arbitrariness and Article 14 4. Basic Structure Doctrine 5. Judicial Appointments 6. Right to Privacy The classes would be conducted in the Socratic method, with students being called upon for their views, as well as knowledge on questions of law. We thank Justice(Retd.) Ruma Pal, Justice(Retd.) Jasti Chelameswar, and Dr Arghya Sengupta for offering this course, and look forward to welcoming such esteemed legal luminaries to NUJS!


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