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Bain Marie hot buffet set installed in the mess

Mess Committee: We are pleased to announce the installation of a new Bain Marie (hot buffet set) for the mess. Thanks to the efforts of the current Convenor Siddhant Sharma and Vijay Sirohiwal who made it possible. At this moment, we shall take pride in recalling our alumni Sidharth Kaushikl and Prashanth Mukundan who had initiated the process of developing the kitchen and mess facilities and stayed back during their vacation so that we could have a bigger heat plate for making dosas, better flour doughing machine and a bigger refrigerator. Siddhant and Vijay have continued the practice, and have been successful in contracting for Harianghata Project (getting chicken at a cheaper price) whereby we have got a small refrigerator for chicken and have also ordered few other types of equipment to mechanise the cooking process. In the past one month we tried making few changes to the present menu and have received positive feedback.


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