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NUJS conducts its first intra-college Hindi debate

The Literary and Debating Society of NUJS conducted the first intra-college Hindi debate on the 28th of September, 2018. The event drew participation cutting across all batches and witnessed a showcase of great oratorical talent.

The intra-college Hindi debate aimed at spreading the message of inclusivity in a debating arena that is generally seen to be restricted to participants with good fluency in English. The debate was conducted in a 2 versus 2 format with a team speaking for and another speaking against the motion with 5 minutes allotted to each speaker for giving their speech. The speeches(4) were followed by an interrogation round wherein first the government bench asked the opposition a question which only one of the members from the opposition could answer with the speaking time for the answer being a maximum of 2 minutes, followed by a similar interrogation for the proposition. The two teams with the maximum points moved to the final out of which the team comprising of Samarth Shandilya and Jatin Kadam emerged as the winner.

We congratulate the winners and the participants for their brilliant showcase of talent and the Literary and Debating Society of NUJS for what is a great effort in recognising the same!


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