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NUJS'16 alumna awarded the Felix Scholarship

In a significant academic recognition, Ms. Diksha Sanyal from the Class of 2016 has been awarded the Felix Scholarship for pursuing an LLM in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, United Kingdom. The Felix Scholarship was founded to offer gifted underprivileged students from India and certain other developing countries the opportunity of furthering their postgraduate education by attending a university in the UK. The primary objective of the Felix Scholarship is to stimulate the Felix scholars by exposing them to academic study, cultures, experiences and friendships that they would not otherwise have had the chance to sample. It is hoped that this in turn will endow them with skills and visions, enabling them, when returning to their country of origin, to contribute to the culture and welfare of their home communities. Felix scholarships are offered at three universities - the University of Oxford, the University of Reading and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), part of the University of London. The Scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic merit and financial need. Ms. Diksha Sanyal works as a Research Fellow at Vidhi and is engaged with the Justice, Access, and Lowering Delays in India (JALDI) Project. She graduated from NUJS in 2016 and thereafter worked as a litigator and researcher at the Centre for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore. At Bangalore, she was involved in constitutional litigation and lawyering in the public interest on issues pertaining to disability rights, and the right to education and health, among others. Her interests include feminist and queer jurisprudence, adjudication of socio-economic rights, and constitutional theory. We take great pride and honour in congratulating her on her phenomenal achievement and wishing her the very best.



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