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Clarifications to Media and Other Entities.

We have noticed, with deep anguish, incorrect or misleading statements and publications made by various entities and outlets in both print and online media. We vociferously condemn the attempts of such organisations and entities, and wish to assert that such attempts at fracturing student solidarity will remain unfruitful. At a time when important issues are actively and passively sought to be marginalised in favour of distractions and rhetoric, we aver that these attempts will not only be in vain but also strengthen our solidarity. We recognise that such entities and outlets are beholden and bound to their interests, ideologies, and opportunistic tendencies. This only makes deeper our resolve to stand tall and to stand together. We call out and condemn all such entities and outlets for their divisive tactics, and ask that students be trusted not only to educate themselves, but also to apply their education to resolve real-life issues and scenarios. Press Statement


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